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StatStudio Demo

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Graphical Visualization with SAS®IML Studio

  • This demo shows how SAS IML Studio can be used powerful and fancy for interactive visualisation of customer data. The graphical elements in the Demo are similar to the old SAS/Insight Graphs, but have the advantage that IML Studio provides a lot of functionality to create, size and position graphs using script language.


  • Download the zipped version of this tool and unzip it. As a result you will receive the following file:
    • User Manual.doc
    • 0. Simple
    • 1. ClusterProfiling
    • 2. Churn
    • 3. Stat Studio
    • Kundenmart.sas7bdat
    • kundensegment0.sas7bdat
    • som_cluster_ward.sas7bdat
  • You need IML Studio installed on your client machine.
  • Copy the SAS Datasets to a directory on your machine; e.g. to a directory ‘c:\demos\IMLStudio’
  • In the AUTOEXEC.SAS of your SAS-Installation you need to assign a library with the name IML to this path. E.g. LIBNAME IML ‘c:\demos\IMLStudio’;
  • Note that the can be found in your root SAS directory.
  • Start SAS®IML Studio, open the respective Stat Studio Program and press F5 (= RUN).
  • For more details about the Usage see the UserManual