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Decisions... Everyone has to make them. The difference between success and failure is making the right ones at the right time.

Our Vision

To become the resource you turn to when challenges arise. To be the voice of reason and objectivity to move your company forward.

Statimetrics helps you make those decisive actions; assists you in finding those pivotal moments to apply your strategies. If the right decision was obvious there really isn't a decision to make. Complex decisions arise from alternative viewpoints, both inside and outside your organization. Reconciling these viewpoints, overcoming the conflicts, and focusing your energy on action to solve the issue is what Statimetrics can do for you. We don't just help you gather data, we enable decisions.

Where We Deliver

Our team of consultants listen...listen to your situation, the decisions you need to make, and provide you with guidelines and advice to make those decisions. We listen to your staff, understand thier viewpoints, help them come to the right conclusion, one that is actionable and successful.

What We Do

Statimetrics goes beyond...beyond data, beyond politics, beyond your expecations. Your trusted advisor, an objective vantage point to help clear the fog preventing the right decision. Understanding your goals and your challenges, and helping you go beyond.

Services include:

  • Group Decision Making Facilitation
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Health Care Operations Analysis
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • Risk/Impact and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Data Mining for New Opportunities
  • Executive Strategy Advising
  • Simulation and Model Building and Analysis
  • Training Program Planning
  • On-site Day Seminars on Systems Thinking and Operational Mindsetting for your staff


Focused consulting is the hallmark of Statimetrics. A full-time relationship without the full time billing. Statimetrics is there, listening and providing valuable advice and needed objectivity to give you the confidence in making the right

  • Retainer and Traditional Advising.
  • 'Surgical Strike' Decision Consulting.
  • Business Change Management Support.
  • Complexity and Uncertainty Management.

Data Knowledge

Statimetrics can help you turn your data into actionable knowledge, to make the right decisions. Why settle for data, which tells you what is, when you can have knowledge and can let you see what can be.

  • Data Visualization and Cleansing.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Simulation and Modeling.
  • Decision Analysis.

Business Improvement

Solving problems is what Statimetrics does. Sometimes you aren't sure what the problem is - Statimetrics can help.

  • Spreadsheet Auditing and Enhancement.
  • Certified SAS Programming and Auditing.
  • Business Process Streamlining.
  • Document and Records Management.

Contact Information

Contact us at Statimetrics for more information.

  • Web Statimetrics
  • Tel 503-680-7653
  • Email