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Submit mainframe (z/os,os/390,mvs) jobs from SAS on another platform

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Step 1 - Create a file on your computer containing the code that will run on the mainframe. For this example I will create the file in the "My Documents" folder called

Step 2 - In SAS on your PC submit the following SAS program adding your own specific information for the values surrounded by < and >.

              filename mfsubmit ftp "<userid>" user="<userid>" pass="<password>" 
              host="<mainframe ip name>" rcmd='site rdw filetype=jes';
              filename code "c:\Documents and Settings\<pcuid>\My Documents\";
              data _null_;
                 file mfsubmit;
                 infile code;
                 input @1 x $1. @;
                 put _infile_;