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Sy/Code Optimizer

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Optimize SAS Programming

Sy/Code Optimzer™ is set of tools containing SAS macros and interactive applications which give you the ability to more efficiently develop SAS programs. The management of macros, programs and output are optimized and enhanced through these tools. Some of the features include:

  • Combine SAS output into an indexed and hyperlinked file.
  • Capture macros used in specified programs and copy them for porting.
  • Compare differences between program files for debugging and versioning.
  • Capture first pages of groups of output files for fast review.
  • Derive SAS programs from SAS logs including generated macro code. This allows for "runtime" programs without macro libraries.
  • Capture SAS program headers and comments for documentation summarization.
  • Search and replace program code to multiple programs with auditing.
  • Generate table of contents to specified output files with hyperlinks to specified files

Code opt sample1 small.jpg

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Sy/Code Optimzer is software solution for: SAS Code Development, SAS Development Environment, SAS Macros Management, SAS Output Management, SAS Output TOC, First Page SAS Output, SAS Log Runtime, SAS Program Search and Replace Tool.