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Manage SAS Data with Ease

Sy/Data™ is a set of tools which gives you the ability to maintain quality and integrity of your data. The auditing and versioning ensure that data is never lost. The verification and comparisons help enforce data standards. Some of the features include:

  • Captures detailed audit trail of changes in data and related programs.
  • Dataset generation control and rollback capabilities.
  • Character date verification for automated quality control summary reporting.
  • Data standards through analysis of differing attributes among datasets.
  • Data format summarization and format catalog organization.
  • Data export to standardized formats including: CSV, TAB, TXT and XPT. Built-in code generator for re-import of the same data.
  • Variable ordering with keys appearing first along with alphabetized variable names.
  • Data copy and compression tools with standard Zip engine.
  • Verification of SAS datasets against CDISC standards

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Desktop Screenshots

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Web Version Screenshots

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Published Papers related to Sy/Data

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Sy/Data is software solution for: SAS Data Standards, SAS Data Quality, SAS Data Integrity, SAS Data Audit, SAS Data Versioning, CDISC Data Standards, SAS Data Transfer Utility, SAS Data Conversion Utility, Clinical Analytic Software Solutions.