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AE Coding Made Easy

Sy/Map™ is a user-friendly adverse event coding system used for with the MedDRA dictionary. It provides a web-based interface for making your mapping decisions. All decisions made are stored so future efforts will be lessened. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • MedDRA Navigator - The hierarchical MedDRA dictionary can be traversed and browsed with ease through a hyperlinked navigational tool.
  • MedDRA Search - Powerful search engine to any terms from all dictionaries.
  • MedDRA Dictionary Management - Create easy to access internal dictionary databases to handle additional mapping decisions.
  • Auto Coder - Auto-encode verbatim terms to preferred terms, matching to all levels up to the System Organ Class (SOC).
  • Manual Coder - Facilitate manual coding of terms with assisted recommendations and search capabilities.
  • Reporting - Many canned reports are available including patient listing active list of unmapped terms and audit history of mapped terms.
  • Split Terms - Handle the split of adverse terms without having to alter the source database.
  • AE Mapex - Create new adverse event SAS datasets containing all coding decisions.

All decisions are tracked with detailed audit trail for CFR Part 11 compliance.

Web Version Screenshots

Symap screen1.jpg

Symap screen2.jpg

Symap screen3.jpg

Published Papers related to Sy/Map

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