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Compliance Made Easy

Sy/Validate™ is a user-friendly verification and validation tool for SAS programs. It automates the task of creating an audit trail of programs directly within Windows Explorer. This tool has many features that will enable your programs to be CFR Part 11 compliant.

Validation Made Easy

Sy/Validate has all the essential features to allow you to apply version control over your SAS programs, MSWord Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PDF files.

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Some features:

  • Versioning - Creates a backup copy when you submit your program. It automatically captures user name and date time stamp. It also version MSWord documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF Files.
  • Notes - Captures the notes pertaining to the reasons for your latest edits.
  • History - Displays a complete history with ability to view any of the old programs.
  • Roll back - Rolls back to any old version of your SAS programs.
  • File Compare - Compares versions of your SAS programs.
  • Reports - Generates history reports displaying who modified and what was done to the programs.
  • Validation - Locks your program for validation. Captures notes communicated during verification including checklist of verification tasks.
  • Change Control - Assigns versions to the programs such as 1.2 to manage development and production release.

This is accomplished by simply right mouse clicking on your program within Windows Explorer and selecting the desired menu selection. It is an easy to use yet powerful tool that delivers the exact features needed during the development and validation of your SAS programs.

Desktop Screenshots

Syvalidate screen1.jpg

Syvalidate screen2.jpg

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Web Version Screenshots

Syvalidate web screen1.jpg

Syvalidate web screen2.jpg

Syvalidate web screen3.jpg

Suite of Tools

Sy/Validate is part of a suite of tools which can be implemented to provide data for your submission that is compliance to regulatory requirements. This automate the process and delivers data with greater accuracy and integrity


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