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What is Syview?

Syview™ is a viewer for SAS datasets. There are two versions of Syview including:

This will allow you to view SAS dataset on your desktop either through a desktop application or web browser. The desktop version is the same as the SAS Viewer 9.1 with one advantage in that it will view a copy of the data you select. This will prevent locking the data so that other users can view or update the same data. Syview screen.jpg

The thin client version allows users to view data on the server via the web browser. Some of the features include:

  • Managing data on the server.
  • Searching through SAS datasets.
  • Sorting SAS datasets.
  • Summarizing data with frequency or continuous statistics.
  • Communicating to users with enotes which is a bulletin board style email method.
  • Exporting data to Excel format.

Syview can be used to effectively review and communicate data centrally via a server with minimal requirements on the users.

Software Requirements

Syview can be accessed via an intranet or the internet. The user only requires a web browser Internet explorer version 6.x or higher. The server does require the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • Base SAS Software.
  • SAS/IntrNet 8.x or higher.

Desktop Screenshots

Syview screen1.jpg

Syview screen2.jpg

Syview screen3.jpg

Web Version Screenshots

Syview web screen1.jpg

Syview web screen2.jpg

Syview web screen3.jpg

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