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Tabular Reporting Data Standard

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This paper demonstrates a reporting data standard to map a tabular output table to a single standardized data set. This process can significantly standardize program code, increase readability, help reduce validation work, help facilitate future revisions, and provide a data standard to build a reporting application. Due to different table output formats, report programs usually contain many different temporary data sets structures to convert the raw extracted data into a form usable to macros and procedures to create tabular output tables. This complicates future revisions and validation as different coding styles and temporary data set formats make reading program code from various programmers difficult. In most cases, the raw data comes from an administered database with formatting standards, but the data step transformations to produce report output differ from programmer to programmer. Summarized data sets can be transformed into a single standardized reporting data standard to be fed into a reporting application. Examples are given mapping three output tables to the reporting data standard termed the Table data set. SAS® code intended for those familiar with DATA steps, PROC SORT, and PROC TRANSPOSE is presented to show the ease in converting a Table data set to an output table format. A program diagram will be displayed to demonstrate how the tabular reporting standard can standardize a majority of the report code.

This uploaded file contains the paper, presentation, data, and SAS program to explain the Tabular Reporting Data Standard process.

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