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Taking Full Advantage of Your SAS® Site

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Abstract is becoming a hub or clearinghouse for technical information related to the use of SAS software. The site is managed and run by SAS users for SAS users. It is free and open to all SAS users to browse. Any SAS user can contribute to the site - just create an ID in order to contribute new content or to expand upon existing content. is built on top of the same software as Wikipedia. So if you know how to use Wikipedia, you have a head start on using

This workshop will enable attendees to:

  • Learn how to make use of this site
  • Learn how to navigate the information contained on the site.
  • Learn how to discover the wealth of its hidden treasures.
  • Find out that there are a number of ways you can contribute, and discover how you too can quickly make a difference in this world-wide community of SAS users.
  • Learn how even small contributions can enhance the site for everyone.

Join the thousands of other SAS users who are a part of the creation of a resource that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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