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Talk:FAQ Wiki Feature

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Keywords / tags / categories will in all probability be the most useful organizational tool for the FAQs, I should think.

However, for a "top level" organization, I think a list of key topics would be more useful than "PROCs" or "products", of the three methods initially proposed.

--MikeRhoads 14:33, 28 February 2007 (EST)

Need for an INDEX (Alphabetical)

A table of contents with structured categories and some sort of meaningful order would be great. However, I'm pessimistic. It's too much of a top-down task, whereas wiki-building is intensely bottom-up. Moreover, the audience does not have a sufficiently common frame of reference.

Printed books have three devices for finding information: the table of contents, cross-references, and the index. Electronic media add a fourth: full-text search.

So how can an index be built for this FAQ (or for the entire site, as it seems the fences between features are more perceived than real)?

Writers and editors should be able to specify keywords, just as we once did for SUGI papers, to populate the index at the back of the proceedings. For example, I was looking at Re-ordering_variables and made a minor edit. I would also like to type in perhaps

  • variable order
  • reordering variables
  • order of variables, how to change

and have them turn up alphabetized under V, R, and O respectively in a master index.

Is the capability there? If not, can it be added?

--Howles 14:02, 16 March 2007 (EDT)

Search and Categories are an Index

Search and categories are two very powerful tools and I think we need to be careful about over-analyzing and categorizing. Admittedly the results returned by order variables listed relavant pages, including Re-ordering_variables. Using order variables did as well.

As the person who is been the subcommittee chair of the SAS Global User's Group Exec Board for the issue of Taxonomy, my leaning is to not use any sort of hierarchical ordering and instead rely on categories and search.

--Donh 23:27, 16 March 2007 (EDT)

Is a Test Possible?

Don and I disagree about this.

The SAS online documentation has separate Contents, Index, and Search pages. I would not want SAS to dump the index page in the belief that the other two meet all needs.

I wonder if MediaWiki has the capability to accumulate, display, and link index keywords. If no, the issue is moot; if yes, I think it deserves some testing (the burden would be on individual page editors, not at all on the tax. committee).

--Howles 20:20, 17 March 2007 (EDT)

We have been unable to identify any such facility in MediaWiki.

--Statprof 12:02, 15 March 2008 (EDT)