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Talk:PharmaSUG 2013 mini-NOTES

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Feel free to add content to this article. Charlie Shipp 13:15, 1 June 2013 (EDT)

One of the perennial proposals that keep being rejected by the Wikipedia editing community is to put maintenance tags on the talk page. Isn't putting a note like the above a bit like doing the same thing? I agree that we should encourage contributions to articles. However, I am not sure your technique is the most effective way to do it. Perhaps we need a nice little template with a nice little message. i.e. a maintenance tag. For example, Wikipedia uses the "stub" template, or something similar, in cases like this. Wikitravel goes further and gives every article a status mesaage that suggests the best way to approach a new edit to the article. I wonder if something similar is needed here. I fail to see the point in saying things twice, (once in the article and again on the talk page), if it can be just said once in an attention-getting way that (a) does not detract from an article, and (b) will not be removed by an other editor, because the message became unattractive. Besides, by the time someone has registered as a user and can see an Edit tab, I would have thought that they knew that they could edit the article, so asking them to add content is an implied assumption. What is probably needed is a message to the anonymous readers in the audience to encourage them to register and contribute. - Cameron 18:16, 1 June 2013 (EDT)