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Does anyone know how to export sas data with more than 255 columns to an excel sheet. I am using SAS 9.1.3 on windows xp professional. When I use the proc export I get the following error:

ERROR: Error attempting to CREATE a DBMS table. ERROR: Execute: Too many fields defined... ERROR: Export unsuccessful....

I tried the solution provided on SAS Note 13891 - they suggest to manually delete the sheet before exporting to it. I could not resolve it. Any suggestions?

It would be good to sign your notes (and possibly add your eMail address). -- Charlie Shipp (talk) 07:02, 14 August 2015 (CDT)

In regards to improving this article/page, there are 2010-2014 SGF paper links, but where is the link to the 2015 SAS Global Forum?

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