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I really like the technique of using the SAS Server pages. Nice job!

The %IIF macro call is new to me. I found an IIF statement in the SAS documentation under MDX functions, but that appears to be associated with data cubes. And my attempt to invoke the macro in a SAS session failed. Looks like it may be a useful thing but how do I use it?

Spjcdc, thanks for the kind words about SAS Server Pages. I've used them in a nunber of ways in addition to what I describe in the book. For example:

  • to develop data entry/edit screens using embedded macros to ensure referential integrity
  • to generate data driven parameter entry screens for SAS 9 Stored Processes.

WRT your question:

  • the IIF macro is one of the macro tools I developed/describe in my book. You can download the source from the web site for my book.
  • Alternatively in V9 you can use %sysfunc with the IFC function.

--Donh 15:33, 14 August 2007 (EDT)