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Comments About BASE SAS Glossary as a whole:

--KirkLafler 16:44, 6 March 2009 (EST)
I like the concept of the Online Glossaries very much. I'd like to post a general observation and then a couple questions, and finally a number of suggestions for additional glossary content.

There appears to be some overlap between the Online Glossaries and the content that appears in Sasopedia. Will the glossaries be available as part of Sasopedia, or are they intended to be on their own as a separate resource from the content in Sasopedia?

1. Would the development and availability of a template be useful, so users wanting to add content would have a model to follow for addressing "key" topics in a consistent format?

2. Will hyperlink capability be available within glossary content? For example, when describing a topic it may be feasible to link to another article, sub-topic, or example.

3. As glossary content grows in size, will there be a front page or set of alphabetical tabs, e.g., A through Z to enable quick access to glossary content?

Suggested Glossary Content:

Possible topics and/or categories to add to the online glossaries.
1. PROC SORT a. Purpose b. Usage c. Do's and Don'ts d. Examples 2. PROC SQL a. Queries b. Table creation c. Views d. Joins e. Subqueries f. Query tuning techniques 3. ODS a. Purpose b. Usage c. Various Destinations (e.g., RTF, PDS, HTML, OUTPUT, XML, MSOFFICE2K, EXCELXP, etc.) d. Examples 4. Dictionary Tables and SASHELP Views 5. DATA Step Merges a. Purpose b. Types of Merges c. Examples


batch job

batch mode

Why have your own glossery when you really are not having any new content over what is in, for example, the Wikipedia article [1]. Perhaps you can at least provide links to expanded, general discussion about common concepts and concentrate on where they have a special meaning for SAS.

BY group

BY-group processing

DATA step

DATA step interface



multidimensional database

SAS data file

SAS data set

SAS data view