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FROM CHARLIE SHIPP: I would like to continue on the board. I anticipate my role will continue to be similar to the past; taking assignments, taking MORE NOTES, making bold suggestions to Lainie-et-al, and being an ambassador (smallest-angel) for sC. Further, I will examine the list and see specifically what role I can play. I had planned to send a private note to VP Kathy Council and suggest that my role need not continue here until the Millennium, but rather be a two-year term, or four years like a Congressman, six years like a Senator, or eight years like a good POTUS. When cAB leadership decides to have a different 'User' in this chair, I would like to stay on as 'Emeritus' and continue with MORE NOTE, if that suits you. Charlie Shipp 00:07, 2 April 2009 (UTC)