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Articles with external links to Systems Seminar Consultants website

An external links search reveals around 40 wiki pages that link to pages on the Systems Seminar Consultants website (, yet very few of them link to this wiki page and none of them are mentioned on this page. A check of a few of those wiki pages reveals they are mostly little more than a title of a SAS related paper that mentions the authors and the company, together with a weblink to a page that no longer exists on the company website. Just 2 URL's are refered to by 34 of those articles. It would be a good idea to:

  1. Wiki link all the wiki articles about SAS papers published on the website back to this wiki page.
  2. Have wiki links on this page to each of the SAS paper articles.
  3. Find the correct URL for each paper mentioned and update the relevant articles.
  4. Write a brief summary for each paper.

- Cameron (talk) 07:48, 15 April 2014 (CDT)