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Talk:Systems Seminar Consultants Opportunities

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Merge with Systems Seminar Consultants

I think this page should be merged with Systems Seminar Consultants, under a subheading of Opportunities. It would be a lot easier to manage one page, rather than two. This page is an orphan as it is not even linked to by Systems Seminar Consultants. It is no wonder that the page has been neglected since 2007, when it was last edited. People cannot find it, and have forgotten it exists, because there are no links to it. I also suspect that the jobs referred to have long since been filled and perhaps refilled, restructured, made redundant or even ceased to exist. It may perhaps be better to simply have a link to the organisation's website that lists their current employment opportunities, as this page is not being maintained nor kept up to date.

Also, perhaps this page is symptomatic of the way many of the orphaned pages on this wiki have been created. Rather than being created by following an existing wiki link to a page that does not exist, many pages are created in isolation via a contribution form, without authors giving any thought to how easy it is to refer to the page titles they have used from text elsewhere on the wiki. Because few are then taking the time to refer to their article on other pages, we are being left with a pile of isolated and disconnected pages that are diffcult to integrate into the wiki. -- Cameron (talk) 18:02, 4 April 2014 (CDT)