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Technologies: Emerging, Going Strong, or Fading

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Your critical skills develop with technology, with the help of training and experience. SAS professionals frequently need a broad range of skills in order to contribute in the workplace and particularly to succeed in the technological society of the modern century. Critical success factors include assessing your current skills and skill levels, determining what skills are hot (in demand), as well as what skills are not, and identifying where and how to access resources to learn and acquire the necessary skills. As a SAS® professional, the skills you acquire will enable you to embark on rewarding journeys leading to exciting opportunities, projects, and an always increasing way of life.

What's Hot

  • Enterprise Guide – GUI point-and-click front-end application
  • Hash Objects – "Fast" table lookups, merges, and joins
  • Create RTF, PDF, HTML, XML, Statistical Graphics and Excel – ODS
  • Construct Queries, Tables, Views, Case Logic, Joins – PROC SQL
  • Detail and Summary Reporting – PROC REPORT
  • Construct Reusable Code and Tools – Macro Language
  • Access SAS Environment – Dictionary Tables and SASHELP Views
  • Share Structured Data as meta-data – SAS/XML
  • Business Intelligence (BI); "Big Data"; and Visual Analytics
  • SAS Institute Technical Support, Online Documentation
  • Social Networking, Blogs, Tech Support –
  • List Serve of archived Technical Support Help – SAS-L
  • – Repository of "Published" SAS Papers
  • SAS Certification – SAS Certified Professional Exams
  • Statistical and Data Visualization – JMP software
  • Google Search for Research

What's Not

  • SAS/ASSIST® software
  • SAS/FSP® software
  • SAS/AF® software
  • Screen Component Language® (SCL)
  • DATA _NULL_ ‒> Monospace “Custom” Reporting

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