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An SRA SAS in-house users group is currently forming for all SRA employees. There is no criteria for joining the group but here are some reasons why you would join:

  • You currently use SAS for SRA Projects and would like to learn more SAS techniques to use on your project
  • You manage employees that use SAS for SRA Projects and would like to be informed about SAS software and services
  • You may be interested in learning more about how SAS can benefit future projects
  • You have a general interest in SAS and want to learn more
  • You want to join a group and this one has all the cool people!

The purpose of the user group is to offer a unique opportunity to enhance our understanding of SAS Instititue software and services, exchange ideas about using your software and hardware most productively, learn of new SAS Institute products and services as soon as they become available, and offer best practices between projects using SAS.

This in-house user group has been registered with SAS and has the following benefits:

  1.  A dedicated SAS liason
  2.  Access to one SAS speaker a year
  3.  Four free books from SAS publications (books to be determined by SAS)
  4.  20% off discount coupon from SAS publications for one meeting each year
  5.  SAS logo items (limited number)

For now I will be coordinating the user group, but depending on the goals of the group, a more formal structure may be developed. I am working to coordinate a video conference or teleconference, but need to work out some logistical issues. In the mean time I will communicate either by e-mail or here in the in-house user group forum. Please feel free to post questions or comments at any time.

I look forward to sharing more SAS information with you.

Sincerely, Lisa Mendez, Analyst, San Antonio --Mendezla 11:30, 10 April 2008 (EDT)