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The MEANS/SUMMARY Procedure: Getting Started and Doing More

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The MEANS/SUMMARY procedure is a workhorse for most data analysts. It is used to create tables of summary statistics as well as complex summary data sets. The user has a great many options which can be used to customize what the procedure is to produce. Unfortunately most analysts rely on only a few of the simpler basic ways of setting up the PROC step, never realizing that a number of less commonly used options and statements exist that can greatly simplify the procedure code, the analysis steps, and the resulting output.

This tutorial begins with the basic statements of the MEANS/SUMMARY procedure and follows up with introductions to a number of important and useful options and statements that can provide the analyst with much needed tools. With this practical knowledge, you can greatly enhance the usability of the procedure and then you too will be doing more with MEANS/SUMMARY.

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