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Tip of the Day:August 25

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sasCommunity Tip of the Day

If you'd like to add footnote references to some of the labels in your output, you can use inline formatting to add the footnote numbers as superscripts. First select a character to use to flag your special formatting:


Now you can use this character to add superscripts to your format labels. The syntax for applying inline formatting always starts with the escape character. Then, for a superscript, you enclose the SUPER function name and the text to superscript in curly brackets ( { } ), as shown below.

proc format;
   value superfmt 1='Low Dose^{super 1}'
                  2='High Dose^{super 2}';

Use the same "^{super 1}" to add the superscript to your footnote text. Then apply the format to your variable in the table.

Submitted by Lauren Haworth. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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