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Tip of the Day:February 14

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sasCommunity Tip of the Day

For those of us who use the Excel libname engine to work with named ranges in Excel you may have noticed that PROC DATASETS DELETE is case sensitive. An improperly cased named range name will cause PROC DATASETS DELETE to fail.

For example, a range named range will not be deleted by:

 proc datasets lib=exbk; 
   delete Range; 

but will be deleted by

 proc datasets lib=exbk; 
   delete range; 

but fear not! SQL (correctly?) processes the names in uppercase and so will delete regardless of correct case or not:

 proc sql; 
   drop TABLE exbk.rAnGe; 

Another case-insensitive approach is PROC DELETE

 proc delete data=exbk.rAnGe; 
Submitted By Pchoate

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