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When the SAS Stored Process Web Application is invoked without parameters, a default "welcome" page that provides various options to the user is displayed. The image at the top, right, shows the page provided with SAS 9.1 software. In many instances, providing this default interface is something that may not be desirable (e.g., stored processes should only be invoked in certain application contexts).

You can edit the default Welcome.htm file to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can specify the name of an alternate HTML page to display. For the latter, a best practice is to specify a file that resides in the SAS Stored Process Web Application root directory. Refer to the information in the "see also" link for details.

The "welcome" page shown at the bottom, right, was created by editing the Welcome.htm file to include only the following text:


  <TITLE>HCS SAS Stored Processes</TITLE>
 <BODY BGCOLOR="white">
  <IMG SRC="images/hcs.jpg">
  <P>Stored Processes only accessible
  via application menus. Contact your
  administrators for the appropriate links.</P>




Submitted By Don Henderson

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