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Tip of the Day:June 3

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While we often use SAS functions LEFT and RIGHT to align character values, we can also achieve the same item with the use of PUT function.

In the PUT function section in the SAS documentation, there is a specific section on this. See an example at right.

NOTE: The -l, -c, and -r format modifiers can also be used in PUT statements.

data temp;
alphabetw='  a  ';
chardate=put(alphabetw,$10. -l);
output ;
chardate=put(alphabetw,$10. -c);
output ;
chardate=put(alphabetw,$10. -r);
output ;
proc print;run;
Obs    alphabetw  chardate
 1        a       a
 2        a           a
 3        a                a

Submitted by Murphy Choy. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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