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Tips:Getting Model Statistics into SAS data set from PROC LOGISTIC

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PROC LOGISTIC does not have an inbuilt option to output the model statistics into a SAS dataset. To achieve this, one can use ODS OUTPUT destination. Below is an example of this destination using the stepwise logistic model example from SAS help to write the contents of the ASSOCIATION output object to the data set WORK.DATA1.

   ods output  Association = data1;
   title 'Stepwise Regression on Cancer Remission Data';
   proc logistic data=Remission outest=betas covout;
      model remiss(event='1')=cell smear infil li blast temp
                   / selection=stepwise
      output out=pred p=phat lower=lcl upper=ucl
             predprob=(individual crossvalidate);
   ods output close;

Submitted by Murphy Choy. Contact me at my Discussion Page.