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Tips:I want to hear the sound of SOUNDEX

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Phonetic algorithms can be useful in situation where the names are spelled differently by the same person. In this situation, it is critical that phonetic algorithms are used for de-duplication purposes. See the Wikipedia article on Soundex.

/* Example of soundex phonetic application */
data _null_;
    /* a case where the name is the same but spelt differently */
    name1 = "ian";
    name2 = "iain";
    /* a direct string comparison in this case will fail */
    if name1 = name2 then put "name1 = name2 is true.";
    else put "name1 = name2 is false.";
    /* a soundex string comparison in this case will succeed */
    if soundex(name1) = soundex(name2) then put "name1 = name2 is true with soundex.";
    else put "name1 = name2 is false with soundex.";

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