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Tips:Saving some or all of your keyboard macros/abbreviations in one step

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Did you know that you could save and export one, some or all of your keyboard macros/abbreviations in one simple operation? You can! The following comes from SAS Usage Note 19335:

The SAS Enhanced Editor allows you to create keyboard macros and keyboard abbreviations. To create keyboard macros select Tools > Keyboards Macros. To create keyboard abbreviations select Tools > Add Abbreviation.

You also have the functionality to export these to a file and then import them into SAS on another machine. Note that in order to avoid overwriting any existing keyboard short cut keys, the key assignments for Keyboard Macros are not exported. You need to reassign the keys after importing. The Abbreviations do not have key assignments. To accomplish this do the following:

  1. Click Tools > Keyboard Macros > Macros
  2. Hold down the SHIFT key or CTRL key and left-click to select the abbreviations and macros to export
  3. Click on the EXPORT button and save to a file with the extension .kmf
  4. Copy the file to another machine.
  5. Open SAS on the other machine.
  6. Click Tools > Keyboard Macros > Macros
  7. Click the IMPORT button and select the .kmf file
  8. For Keyboard Macros only, click Assign Keys and choose a new shortcut key for each macro. Do not assign short cut keys for Abbreviations.

Submitted by Arthur Tabachneck. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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