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Tips:Setting Browser Title with the stpbegin macro

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The STPBEGIN macro, used in SAS Stored Processes to generate the ODS statement based on the client (e.g., a Web browser, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, etc.), does not have an option to specify the TITLE attribute for HTML output. However, you can use the _ODSOPTIONS global macro variable to specify a browser title by setting the value before the STPBEGIN macro call as follows:

%let _ODSOPTIONS = body=_webout (title = "Title Goes Here");

You need to specify body =_webout, which is the default value for streaming output, in order to force the title to be inserted in the right place in the ODS statement. If not done this way, an error will be generated. This only works for the HTML destination and only with the SAS Stored Process Server.

Submitted By Don Henderson

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