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Sometimes printed documents will have a message like This Page Intentionally Left Blank. But, of course, since those pages have that message, they really aren't blank. How can we adapt this to our reporting programs and processes?

  • In a BI environment if, for example, a Stored Process report has no data, then the user will either see a blank page or an error message that no output was generated.
  • In a batch reporting environment where reports are emailed as attachments, if there is no data, the file may not be created and so the code to email the report will likely fail.

Neither of these is particularly user-friendly or desirable. So, how do we handle this? This Page Intentionally Left Blank suggests a solution. Simply produce some output. If the input data set is empty, just produce a page of output with an appropriate message. See the see also link for a discussion of a macro to do this.

Submitted By Don Henderson

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