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Tips:User Specific Autoexecs in Enterprise Guide

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Enterprise Guide 4.2 allows you to specify SAS code to be submitted when your Workspace Server session is created on your SAS Server. Thus you can have user specific autoexecs. You simply have to define what SAS code to run. Just select:

  • Tools
  • Options
  • SAS Programs
  • Select the checkbox for Submit SAS code when server is connected
  • Click the Edit button and enter the code to be run whenever you open a project.

The sequence is

  • SAS autoexec processing (several levels possible in a SAS 9.2 deployment)
  • EG built-in definitions for macros/options (for example, options validvarname=any)
  • Tools->Options->SAS Programs: SAS code to submit when you connect
  • Tools->Options->(SAS Programs or Tasks): code to submit before running task/program (that is, there are also options to provide code to run before and/or after submitted code).

This is specific to the user/computer that Enterprise Guide is running on and is a replacement for the undocumented file that many users knew about in prior versions of Enterprise Guide.

Submitted By Don Henderson