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Tips:Using the sasdemo account in BI/EBI projects

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In SAS® release 9.1.3, the sasdemo account was required as one of the five administrative accounts for SAS BI/EBI deployments. As the name implies, that account is used for demonstration purposes, and can also used to test the initial installation. In release 9.2 the account is no longer a required account.

As a Best Practice, the sasdemo account should not be used for development of real reports or by users as a production status account. The BI/EBI platform uses user- and role-based security, and the sasdemo account is not intended for such uses. Its use to develop reports can cause problems later on, e.g.,

  • permissions issues
  • enforcing security
  • and so on . . . .

If you must, use the sasdemo account for demonstration purposes. But do not grant it special privileges or use it for real work.

Submitted By Don Henderson

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