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Tips and Tricks to Improve your SAS® Programming Environment

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For me, it’s all about avoiding manual effort and repetition! Whether your work involves data exploration, reporting, or analytics, you probably find yourself repeating steps and tasks with each new program, project, or analysis. That repetition adds time to the delivery of results and also contributes to a lack of standardization. This presentation focuses on productivity tips and tricks to help you create a “standard” and efficient environment for your SAS® work so you can focus on the results and not the processes. Included are the following:

  • setting up your programming environment (comment blocks, environment cleanup, easy movement between test and production, and modularization)
  • sharing easily with your team (format libraries, macro libraries, and common code modules)
  • managing files and results (date and time stamps for logs and output, project IDs, and titles and footnotes).

Online Materials

  • View the video from SAS Global Forum 2016: Video

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