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To ODS RTF and Beyond

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David Shannon
Amadeus Software Limited, UK


The ability to send output to Microsoft Word was the most commonly requested function during the development of the Output Delivery System. Since version 8.1 ODS RTF has been formally available. The Rich Text Format (RTF) specification is a method of encoding formatted text and graphics which is read by Microsoft Word and several other text editors. So now that we have the ability to send output to Word, how can we apply it? What are the advantages over traditional fixed space output? How can we go beyond the documentation to extract some of Microsoft Word's features? This paper will address these questions demonstrating how to define and apply generic appearance to a project and consider the advantages of RTF output to both the programmer and end user. Furthermore it will be shown how to go beyond the documentation by embedding RTF codes to enhance your reports. Finally this paper addresses some practical considerations when generating and distributing RTF files.

Online resources

You can download this paper here.