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Topics for main page articles

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Proposed Topics:

  • Tip of the Day -- book by the Carey sisters ...
  • What is the difference between user_name, my talk, and my blog; my blog (private ravings) vs. my talk(discussion, maybe explaining why something got changed); [1];
  • short way of talking about Categories and why should I care about them? (shortened version of orgainzing articles)
  • Geographies
  • Moving existing content to
  • Gardening
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Describe Webstats and locations
  • Article asking users for suggestions for articles
  • Announce future sites, dates and conference chairs for SAS Global Forum (Conference)
  • Etiquette
  • IDEA:
    • suggested that we consider having something on like the Wikipedia Tip of the Day:
      • I doubt we can start out with a new tip every day, but maybe we can build up to that. I suspect that the SAS-L archives are a rich source of material. The primary issue is getting started and getting folks involved so we can develop a nice backlog of tips.
      • My thinking is that we would replace the Forums box on the Main Page with a Tip of the Day/Week/Whatever box (logistics to be worked out).


  • WATCH feature - done (Nancy) [2]
  • Explain the optional Argument in Category Tag to get the article to show up in a different category - done (Art) [3]
  • Web Stats linked from Main Page Usage statistics and the definition of terms