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Trialex Plugin

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Report Integration with MS Word

  • View and Print SAS Output from MSWord
  • Automated PDF Generation from ASCII Reports with Bookmarks
  • Table of Contents (TOC) Generation within Word
  • First Page View and Mockup Designer
  • Thumbnail View of Reports for Visual Identification
  • Annotated CRF Template Creator

Report Management from MSWord

Capture all the reports produced from SAS and mange it within a MSWord document. The titles of the reports are used to generate the Table of Contents (TOC) with automated page numbering and linking. A PDF document can therefore be generated from the Word Document.

Study Design

Design a new study by selecting exiting reports. A first page is captured with automation to assist in creating mockups. The selection of source data can also be used to automate the creation of annotated Case Report Forms (CRF). A thumbnail view of all reports can be created with links to actual report for quick visual navigation.

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Trialex Plugin is software solution for: Optimize Report Generation from CDISC Standards, Generate Reports from CDISC Data, SDTM Reports, ADaM Reports, Standard SAS Reports, SAS Program Library, SAS Macro Library.