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U.S. 1940 Census (Indexing the people) – Introduction

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Introduction to U.S. 1940 Census Indexing Details

U.S. 1940 Census (Indexing the people) – Introduction

Here are some website links that will inform, amuse, and instruct.

BYU Student sings about Indexing:

“Every person matters. Perhaps it is this feeling that prompts millions to seek out their family history. For most, records of their ancestors provide key links to their past. An army of volunteers from around the world is now helping to save and make these records available. Using our online system, they are able to easily extract data from valuable records and provide free searchable indexes—all from the convenience of their homes.”

Bottom Line: This is a massive effort of volunteers, stakes of the LDS Church, and societies of America and the world. Why the enthusiasm and interest? Because most people in America are either in the 1940 Census or know someone who is. Further, there is so much history and demographic information in that period. It is a ‘snapshot’ of America on April 1940.

Beyond the personal interests, SAS and JMP programmers and users learn from the SAS and JMP people at the Census Bureau of national statistics. They are users and presenters and sometimes we only have a hint of all they know. Check it out and we look forward to their comments here at sasCommunity.

BE A PARTICIPANT, here in sasCommunity, and also with INDEXING .!.

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