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Undocumented procedures

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SAS has several undocumented procedures, or procedures that will work in a PROC Step but there is no documentation available in the current version of the documentation for SAS.

Some procedures are no longer documented because their functionality has been replaced by new procedures. In other cases, the procedures themselves have become obsolete because technology has changed since they were implemented. There are even a few procedure were proposed by users, but never implemented.

The reason a procedure is no longer documented varies. Often the functionality provided by the procedure has been replaced by some other SAS feature or a change in the way the SAS products now interface with users. For example: Graphical user interfaces and screens have replaced the command line interfaces and teleprinters or VDU teminals of the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's.

A few undocumented procedures are used to administer SAS installations and are used by administrators and support staff in particular circumstances.

Some of these procedures can be very useful, and sometimes risky, to use. Others are perhaps better noted for their historical significance.

Undocumented procedures

These procedures are not documented in the current SAS documentation.

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