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Useful Enhanced Editor macros

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The Enhanced Editor in SAS allows you to create simple keyboard macros. Use "Tools", "Keyboard Macros", "Macros..." to view, create or edit macros. Here are two keyboard macros I find useful:

Name Keys Keyboard Macro Contents Category
del_eol Ctrl-k Extend selection to end of line
Delete previous character
select current line Shift-F8 Move cursor to beginning of line
Extend selection to end of line

To create these macros, use "Tools", "Keyboard Macros", "Macros...", then click on the "Create..." button. Select the appropriate category from the list on the left and select the appropriate command from the list below it:


Once you've created the macros, you can assign shortcut keys. In the "Keyboard Macros" dialog box, click on the "Assign keys..." button. Select the appropriate command, press the shortcut key you want to use, and you're all set!


You can also use this method to assign a shortcut key to builtin commands. Select one of the Categories, e.g. "Edit", then select the command you're interested in. I've found it very useful to have Ctrl-d assigned to "Repeat line" and Ctrl-Shift-k to "Delete line". But make your own choices and press the shortcut key you'd like to use.


John Hendrickx, Clinquest Europe