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Hi, my name is Cameron and I started using SAS in April 2012, when my employer decided SAS was the best solution to producing administrative statistics for the state sector organisation I work for, in New Zealand.

SAS Applications I am familiar with include:

As an organisation we have decided to take a non-programmer approach to SAS and keep away from writing SAS code as much as possible. Instead we use the standard SAS modules, tasks, transformations, etc. We only resort to writing SAS code when there is no other alternative .....

Some ideas for articles

  • A tip that observes that one can use the Import Data task wizard in SAS Enterprise Guide to quickly examine an external delimited flat file to determine its structure and the best way to import the file, including determining the delimiter and what informats and formats are suitable to use. The wizard can also generate SAS code to use outside SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Today I learned to use a SAS feature, (or tool, option, statement, procedure, etc.) in a new or different way. Some notes about any new discovery made about SAS code or products. While we are often familiar with code and products, sometimes we need to go back and read the manual or see something new, different, or even familiar, that hasn't been documented and just needs to be shared. See I just learned, below.

I just learned

This week I learned how to: