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Charlie Shipp started in SAS analysis and programming after the 1980 SAS conference in San Antonio TX;
He was the first programmer and HELP support for SAS at Northrop Corp in Los Angeles. He wrote the
technical newsletters for new SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ETS, and releases of SAS software at Northrop Corp.

Currently, Charlie Shipp promotes and is on the sasCommunity Advisory Board.
He has moved from corporate programming, to managing, to consulting, and now authoring. You can too .!.

Visit his blogspots at and
Then visit authored by Kirk Lafler and Charlie Shipp.

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Charlie Shipp has two IDs;
His pseudo-name PowerUser
makes anonymous comments.

(310) 833-9186 - Home-Office

(562) 294-4588 - Republic Wireless (smart phone); and (310) 251-4769 Lynnette's MotoG

(310) 833-1950 - FAX (notify first) -- for SAS-L -- for blogspots for large SAS files.