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Jack Hamilton has been a SAS User since the Carter administration. He currently works for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and has previously worked for First Health (formerly HealthCare Compare, now owned by Aetna), Amdahl Corporation (now owned by Fujitsu), Varian Associates (now split into Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.; Varian, Inc; and Varian Medical Systems, Inc.), and Stanford University (which so far has not sold out or split up).


LinkedIn pages to which I have been a major contributor

Using the TRANSLATE function to validate data

Four methods of performing a look-ahead read

PROC REPORT with pseudo-observation numbers

Parsing SYSPARM with Infile Magic

Celko's Median

PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE with ratios and total titles

Drug Days

Writing a file with PROC SQL

Writing to an in-memory array with PUT

Dynamic formats in PROC REPORT

Creating Summary and Detail Sections in an Excel Worksheet Using the ExcelXP Tagset

User Group Papers

For a list of papers available online in their original form, go to


and search for my name. Papers will be placed here on as time permits.