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I work for the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics (ORES)of the Social Security Administration. I was a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loyola College and worked in ORES part time. I spent most of my time at SSA doing disability research. In 2002, I retired from Loyola and came to work full time in ORES. I am a mathematical statistician, with a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park. I have been using SAS since version 5. I now spend much of my time helping others in ORES to learn the new SAS features. In particular, I work on using Enterprise Guide (version 4) for our work. My most recent efforts have been about how to conveniently use SAS/Connect within EGuide. I have a presentations in SUGI31 and in SGF2007 about this issue.