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Kimberly LeBouton, KJL Computing, Rossmoor, CA

The following was modified from the SUGI 31 (2006) Conference Leader webpage...


As a native Californian, Kim was excited to chair the largest and last SUGI as it returned to San Francisco for a third time. Her first SUGI experience was also in San Francisco at SUGI 14 in 1989. Kim has presented numerous papers over the years, and began serving as a SUGI Section Chair in 1999. She has also served as conference chair at the Regional User Group Level (Western Users of SAS Software, [1], and established LABSUG (Los Angeles Basin SAS User Group,[2], where she continues to organize and chair its yearly one-day conference.

Kim started her SAS career in 1983 while a statistics graduate student at UCLA. After grad school, she continued working with SAS at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) and Toyota Motor Sales. Kim began her consulting career in 1996. Her primary customers have included manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, insurance and finance.

During a meeting, someone asked Kim if she really liked SAS and she replied, "I named my sons PROC One and PROC Two." (A variation on a line she pilfered from a graduate professor concerning lack of descriptive names for variables.)

When not coding SAS or organizing user group meetings, Kim lives in southern California with her two teenage sons, in reality named Vincent and Taylor, two huge dogs, and one cat. Kim enjoys learning about sports through her sons. She is now more educated about track-and-field events (ask her about long, triple, and high jump), surfing, basketball and football.

Kim also loves the process of planning vacations and collecting travel books. One of her all-time favorite vacation spots is San Francisco. Her two current favorites about San Francisco are Stairway Walks in San Francisco by Adah Bakalinsky (Wilderness Press, 2004) and The Best of San Francisco by Don and Betty Martin (Chronicle Books, 1997).