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Given a sorted data set, adding within and between group counters can be accomplished without the use of any IF statement logic.

data x;
    input id score @@;
100 10 100 13 100 16 101 13 101 99 102 20 102 22 102 24 102 26
data x;
    set x;
    by id;
    between +;
    within  + 1 - * within;
Obs     id    score    between    within
 1     100      10        1          1
 2     100      13        1          2
 3     100      16        1          3
 4     101      13        2          1
 5     101      99        2          2
 6     103      20        3          1
 7     103      22        3          2
 8     103      24        3          3
 9     103      26        3          4

Posted with thanks to Howard Schreier for the BETWEEN group idea (in a SAS-L posting).

Submitted By Mike Zdeb

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