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sasCommunity Tip of the Day

Prior to submitting your code against the full dataset, it should be tested using a limited number of, or no, observations. This can be done via the OBS= or FIRSTOBS= system options or data set options.

Note that the systems options, if set at the top of the program, will limit the observations for the entire program, including all datasets, procedures, etc. The dataset options will only limit the observations for the procedure or data step that the option is specified on.

Specifically, including the following code at the top of the program allows syntax checking mode, and runs the program with no observations.

     Options obs=0;

After the code is checked using a limited number of observations, it can be resubmitted allowing all records necessary to flow through the program. In this case, the user would want to change the line above to:

     Options obs=max;

Submitted by Stefanie G. Reay. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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