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Mathieu Jobin

  • SAS Experience: 6 months in 2000, now programming in SAS since October 2007
  • Working fulltime for CGI Group in Quebec city.
  • my current involvement is at the Education Board of Quebec. Working on SAS Mainframe, Micro and BI.
  • I'm strong adept of SAS/Macro subsystem.
  • Blog
  • Famous for:


Unanswered Questions

  • How do I monitor running jobs when using SAS/Base for Windows
  • Is there a SAS/Macro function for replacing text in a SAS/Macro variable other than the little one I wrote? something equivalent to the ruby method. String#replace!(/[regexp]/, "oh") would be awesome.
  • Anyone found or wrote a modulo function such as modulo(33,2)==1 and modulo(157,10)==7