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User Info

wikidb_4268_l.jpg Matthew T. Karafa
Quantitative Health Sciences Cleveland Clinic Foundation
9500 Euclid Avenue / JJN3-01
Cleveland, Ohio 44195

E-mail karafam at

Talks and Presentation Stuff

  • Paper and slides for my 2012 SGF Beyond the Basics presentation Build a Better Macro: Basic Parameter Checking for Avoiding “PEBCAK” Errors. This is also a good example of the evolution of a paper/talk:
    • The 2011 MWSUG Incarnation [1]
    • The Original 2011 SGF Coder's Corner Paper [2]
  • Plotting Summary ROC Curves from Multiple Raters Using the SmryROCPlot Macro [3]
  • Data Set Investigator - Automated Exception Reporting from an electronic data dictionary with %DSI(). [4]
  • Illustrating generation of MSWord tables via HTML with the %cattable and %contable macros [5]

Macros I use

  1. A categotical "Table 1" Macro
  2. A continuous "Table 1" Macro