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The bellow Script will help to import an Excel file created with the same firstname but different dates. For example i have 3 files scope_20131101, scope_20131102,scope_20131103. This (20131103) is acutally a date in yyyymmdd format. Below is the code for that.

LIBNAME Scope '/mycomputer/desktop/versionone/test/data;

%macro yyyymmdd(DATEVAR) ; COMPRESS(PUT(&DATEVAR,YYMMDD10.),'-'); %mend ;

data test; date=date()-5; date1=%yyyymmdd(date); CALL SYMPUT("date1",date1); F1 ="Scope_" ||date1 ||" "; CALL SYMPUT("F1",F1); run;

%LET DT1 = &F1;

PROC IMPORT OUT= TAH1 FILE = "/prod/user2/ITStrategy/V1/Data/&DT1" DBMS=xlsx REPLACE; SHEET="Scope"; GETNAMES = YES; RUN;