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Having reached the final stages of my book production (see Saving Time and Money using SAS) after 4+ years hard work, I am now looking for 6+ new topic areas to include in a future book.

  • Saving Time and Money using SAS includes the following topic areas:
    1. Accessing SAS data from external applications.
    2. Database to SAS/ACCESS performance issues.
    3. Controlling the disk space used by SAS.
    4. Creating transportable SAS/GRAPH image files.
    5. Reading data from databases and spreadsheets without SAS/ACCESS.
    6. Developing SAS applications using Enterprise Guide.
  • I have collected together 2 new topic areas, so far:
    1. Customizing ODS Statistical Graphics.
    2. Installing SAS on different platforms.
  • I am looking for a wide variety of subjects which could be developed into independent chapters, so any suggestions will be considered for additional topic areas that you think are important.

Thanks in advance........Phil Holland